YouTube updates Product Drops tool for enhanced accessibility and control

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YouTube updates Product Drops tool for enhanced accessibility and control

YouTube is updating its Product Drops feature to improve accessibility and give creators more control.

The tool, which enables creators to announce new products during live shopping streams, is also being rolled out to first-party stores for the first time. In addition, creators will have more flexibility regarding timings of product announcements.

Why we care. The Product Drops tool offers a simple way to create buzz around product launches, engage audiences effectively, and boost sales. The new flexibility in timing allows marketers to strategically optimize promotions, ensuring maximum impact for their products.

Enhanced accessibility. More creators will be able to utilize Product Drops in the live control room on YouTube as the feature is now available to both:

  • First-party stores (creators who have connected their stores).
  • Third-party stores (participating in the youTube affiliate program).

More control. Previously, creators were restricted to pre-scheduling Product Drops for a specific time, however, this update allows them to drop products whenever they so wish during a live stream. This change has been rolled out to “give creators more flexibility to react to the moment and drive excitement in realtime,” according to a YouTube spokesperson.

Getting started. To use Product Drops, head over to the Live Control Room, schedule a live stream, and follows these simple steps:

  • Tag the product drop and any other other relevant items to the live stream video.
  • Click “Create Product Drop” next to the product.
  • When you are ready to drop, select the timer (your product will be hidden until you are ready to drop it).
  • Choose whether you want to do a one-minute countdown or an instant drop.
  • Viewers will then see a countdown timer or a placeholder image of a shopping bag as a video overlay until the product has dropped. This will let viewers know the exact moment the product will be available for purchase.

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Deep dive. Read the ‘Create and manage activities for tagged products‘ guide on the YouTube Help Center for more information about the Product Drops Feature.

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